Kids4Classics Terms of Use has created this terms of use to help clarify the usage of information on this site.

Public Domain

Copyright gives an individual or corporation exclusive rights on a text, for a limited period of time. This means no one else can reproduce the text, or make derivative works (such as audio recordings) while the copyright is in force. Eventually, though, copyright expires, and the text becomes free and enters the “public domain.” This means anyone can use that text however they wish.

Kids4Classics takes texts already in the public domain and formats them into easy-to-read format for your web browser. We also format the texts into downloadable pdf formats. The pdf file is a derivative work. So even though the text within the pdf is public domain which you may use however you wish, the presentation of the work in the formatted pdf is copyrighted. You may freely distribute the pdf files, but our terms require that you may not charge any money for them.

Kids4Classics uses the wonderful resource, Project Gutenberg , as the source for e-texts and links to for the audio recordings.

Copyright law is a complicated and important business and we encourage everyone to read more about it. Here are some resources:

Outside the USA

All the works made available on Kids4Classics are public domian with the United States of America. If you live in a different country, your laws may be different. Please always check your own local laws before downloading any ebooks from Kids4Classics.